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100+ Programming Camps in 11 Weeks at UTDallas and Around the Metroplex

Programming Camps, sponsored by the Department of Computer Science at UTDallas, provide a fun way for kids of all ages to learn how to write software programs. Topics include Scratch, Logo, Finch & Scribbler Robots, Alice, JavaScript, Java, C++, Python, GameMaker, Animation (Flash & Maya), Minecraft MODs, Contest Problmes, Greenfoot, Android iOS apps, and Arduino & Rasberry PI.





The 2014 Summer Programming Camps are organized by Dr. Jey Veerasamy, a Senior Lecturer in the Computer Science (CS) Department at UTDallas. Graduate students from the CS Department teach the classes. In addition to computer programming classes and workshops, seminars for industry leaders, interested in computer software topics and issues, are also available. Faculty members from the CS Department present the seminars. For more information about programming classes, workshops, and seminars at UTDallas go to:  k12_SummerCamps.

For more information about the outreach events and one-day workshops for professionals, offered by the CS Department at UTDallas, go to: JeyVeerasamy .

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