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ACM & Partners Fall’17 Kick-Off with Bottle Rocket

ACM AND PARTNERS Presents the Fall 2017 Kick-Off Event! 

We’re going to have our fall kick-off with other engineering organizations this upcoming Thursday: 

  • Artificial Intelligence Society (AIS)
  • Women Who Compute (WWC)
  • Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHPE)
  • E-Club
  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (AMSE)
  • HackersUTD
  • Coding for Good
  • Linux Users Group (LUG)
  • Computer Security Group (CSG)

Learn about what each club has to offer for the engineering community!
Our speaker, Bottle Rocket will follow to talk about their projects, their cool tech, challenges and what you can learn from them! They’ve made cool apps like the Chick-fil-A app! 
There will be pizza after! 🙂 Make sure to bring your comet cards!