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Computer Security Club (CSG) – Networking Session

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Computer Security Club (CSG) || Networking Session

When: Wednesday, Mar 8 
Time: p.m.  p.m.
Location: JSOM 2.112

Cybersecurity club will host several events hosting various industry speakers to promote knowledge and wisdom in information assurance and security.

Contact Info:
Unnat Bhargava, 469-734-4729
Questions? Email me.

CSG General Meetings

We have presentation style meetings every Wednesday at 7pm. These meetings cover general information about security topics. For more information, check out the weekly postings on the website. We also have Open Labs once or twice a month on Saturday.

Who We Are

The CSG is a student organization open to all students. Our members range from those who are preparing for a career in the wide field of security, to those who are pursuing other careers in Computer Science and related fields but would like to know more about matters of security. There are no membership dues or other costs of membership, and we welcome anyone who is interested in computer security.

Why We Are Here

Some of our members are passionate and dedicated to the field of security and are set to make that their area of expertise in their career, while others are interested in security and are seeking to have security be a skill or area of knowledge which augments their ability to work in their chosen field of computer science. We believe that security cannot be created or enforced by only a small number of people; it is something that requires awareness and consideration from everyone involved. Thus, whether one’s job is security or not, having some level of awareness and knowledge of the issues of security and what can compromise it is essential for any group or organization to create and maintain a secure environment.

What We Do

As we are based as a student organization at a university, we are most active during the Fall and Spring when most members are present and available, though we have some activities over the summer as well. During the Fall and Spring semesters we hold regular meetings which take a presentation-based format. Many presentations are given by group members on a peer-to-peer basis over what they know, have learned, or are working on. We also welcome guest speakers from companies in related fields and other areas of the university. A growing focus of our regular activities have been our Open-Lab sessions which are longer than our other meetings, and are a more flexible and open environment where members can work together or solo on expanding their knowledge, work on various security challenges to sharpen skills, or discuss matters of mutual interest with other members. Our other main activities are competing as a team in Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions held by various other universities and companies worldwide (more details below).