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GCS Event – Problem Solving Session with Dr. Balaji Raghavachari

CS Outreach & Graduates of Computer Science (GCS) Welcomes you to Fall’17 term with GCS Signature event:

Problem Solving Session with Dr. Balaji Raghavachari.

Saturday, September 2nd from 1pm to 6pm

Finetune your problem solving skills for tough CS problems. It is never too early or late to prepare for an Internship & FT job interviews.

During our Spring 2017 session, We had 100 students & it went for 5 hours!

Advance registration link is for UTD folks & for guests.

Walk-in will cost more & may not be admitted if we reach the capacity! The Sooner you register with your problem, the more likely it will be covered during the session.

Here is the problem set of Spring session for reference: