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JavaScript & Angular JS Workshop // 2nd Session

JavaScript & Angular JS Workshop

Friday, Jan 19 – 5p-9p: Javascript Essentials
Sunday, Jan 21 – 1p-6p: Building Dynamic Web Apps

Workshop Presenter: Srinivas Nangunuri (MSCS’14), Apps Systems Engineer, Wells Fargo

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. It is not only used to induce interactive features to websites that reach billions of people, it has also started to play a larger role outside of the browser- mainly due to Node.js which is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment.

Goal: To Revisit the programming fundamentals and core features of JavaScript. to Learn the JavaScript way of coding which is essential to master other advanced client-side JavasScript based libraries/frameworks like jQuery, Angular JS, React JS, Backbone JS, etc,

Topics: Data Types, Functions & Scope, concepts like Hoisting and Closures, Prototypes, Higher-Order Functions like filter/map/reduce (Functional Programming), JSON, basic jQuery, Ajax. We will then apply some of this learning by building a simple Web Application

Angular JS (Version 1.5):
Angular JS is a structural JavaScript based MVC Framework for Dynamic Web Apps. i.e. a platform that makes it easy to build web applications.

This will be an introductory Workshop, covering- the skeleton of an Angular JS App, some Angular Directives & Filters that are used to manipulate the DOM, Dependency Injection, modules, services. We will then set up a simple Single Page Application (No Refresh) using UI Router Module

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