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Spring’17 Workshop Series: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

February 19, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
ECSS 2.412
Dr. Jey Veerasamy
Spring’17 Workshop \\ Amazon Web Services
AWS is the biggest cloud service provider in the world. In this workshop we will dive deeply into AWS by doing hands-on work right away. This workshop also prepares the students for the AWS solution architecture associate exam. This certification is one of the most important certificate in IT world for job perspective. We will cover various topics like EC2,IAM,VPC,Glacier,Lambda,S3 etc.

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$250 fee for professionals, $25 for UT Dallas folks (increases to $50 on Feb 18)

Sun Feb 19: 2-5pm AWS – ECSS 2.412 AWS overview, IAM (Identity access management), AWS Object storage and CDN (content distribution network)
Sun Feb 26: 2-5pm AWS – ECSS 2.412 Simple storage service(S3), Glacier and CloudFront
Sun March 5: 2-5pm AWS – ECSS 2.412 EC2 ( Elastic compute cloud), Route53
No session on March 12 (Spring Break)
Sun March 19: 2-5pm AWS – ECSS 2.412 Databases on AWS and VPC
(virtual private cloud)
Sun March 26: 2-5pm AWS – ECSS 2.412 Application services. Overview of creating a fault tolerance word press site.

Why AWS?

Now a days 75-80% cloud services run by Amazon which is way higher than Microsoft, Google and others. This workshop will familiarize the students with AWS  services using hands-on projects.
What AWS –> It is a suite of cloud based web services. It provides facilities like store your data, secure your data, run your    code without taking care for platforms.

Is it beneficial? 

Yes. Knowledge of AWS will help students to make kick start in cloud market. Also it will raise chances      of job gain because we all know cloud is the biggest growing technology for 21st century.                        
Pre requisites :- Account on AWS console and knowledge of programming language(very basic).