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Current PhD students:

Current Masters students:


    • Jack Lindamood (MS)
    • Dr. Li Liu
    • Dr. Ryan Layfield



      March 2012
      UTD Anonymization Toolbox

      A new version of the Toolbox is released. This version provides graphical user interface and application programming interface for researchers more.

      December 2011
      NSF Grant Funds Search for Ways to Ensure Data Authenticity

      Researchers at UT Dallas are part of a $3 million collaborative grant from the NSF to study ways to ensure the authenticity and confidentiality of data more.

      April 2011
      Investment in Cloud Computing Research Pays Off

      The decision three years ago by UT Dallas researchers to bolster their efforts in the field of cloud computing is paying dividends more.

      August 2010
      Grants Further Bolster Cybersecurity Research

      Data security and privacy research at UT Dallas will get a significant boost thanks to two grants totaling almost $1 million from the National Science Foundation more.

      August 2010
      Team Releases Tools for Secure Cloud Computing

      UT Dallas researchers have released software tools intended to help make cloud computing the standard way much computing is done more.

      April 2010
      Post-doctoral Research Position is Available

      The University of Texas at Dallas Security and Privacy Lab has a recent opening for a postdoctoral fellow in data security and privacy more.

      February 2010
      UTD Anonymization Toolbox

      Beta version of UTD Anomymization ToolBox is released. The toolbox currently contains 6 different anonymization methods over 3 different privacy definitions more.

      December 2009
      Privacy of Genomics Data

      A new $1 million grant is intended to help ensure the privacy of each person whose information is included in increasingly vast banks of genomics data more.

      October 2009
      Social Network Privacy

      Prof. Kantarcioglu Warns of Risks Hiding on Social Network Sites more.

      March 2009
      Advances in Data Safety

      Dr. Thuraisingham's team includes UT Dallas professors Latifur Khan, Murat Kantarcioglu and Kevin Hamlen, each of whom is addressing a different aspect of the issue more.

      March 2009
      CyberSecurity Research

      The nearly three-year-old Cybersecurity Research Center at the University of Texas at Dallas has topped $1 million in funding for projects intended to enhance the security of shared data in the post-9/11 world more.

      January 2009

      UT Dallas computer scientist Murat Kantarcioglu has received a $400000 award from the National Science Foundation Early Career Development Program more.


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