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Graduate FAQ


You may apply online at the Office of Graduate Studies. Enter your user name as: campus\net id. You should apply the semester prior to your graduating semester. Recommended application submission dates are listed below. There is no fee for this application unless you miss the deadline date.

Graduating Semester Apply for Graduation
Fall July
Spring December
Summer April


Contact your assigned graduate advisor to perform a Graduation Audit and ensure that will meet the requirements for graduation. To find out who is your assigned graduate advisor, please visit

You must complete a final degree plan. Contact the appropriate staff members for completion of your final degree plan.

Current Students

The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science does not allow auditing of courses.
Students may repeat a course to improve their grade. Up to three courses may be repeated, but no course may be repeated more than once. When a course is repeated both attempts will remain on the student’s record and will be included on all transcripts. The higher-grade will be used in computing the grade-point average or credit hours for purposes of graduation or determination of probationary status. A notation beside the lower grade will indicate that the course has been repeated and is excluded from GPA.
Please contact the following CS graduate program director immediately:

Dr. Jorge Cobb,

Please contact the advisor assigned to you. To find out who is your advisor, click here.

Find more info on the attendance policy here.
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