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The Jonsson School is a common ground where students participate as technical specialists, entrepreneurs, and researchers coming together to work on problems that are intriguing, difficult and satisfying.















graduate advising

Director of Graduate Advising

Shyam Karrah
Ofc:  ECSS 4.704
Phone:  972-883-4197

CS Graduate Academic Advisors: Senior Lecturers

Tim Farage
Ofc:  ECSS 3.606

Pushpa Kumar
Ofc: ECSS 4.407

CS Graduate Support Staff

All current Ph.D., M.S., M.S.-Thesis, RA and TA students and those who have applied to the graduate CS program should contact:

Emily Donaldson (MS students last names ending A-K)
Graduate CS Evaluator
ECSS 4.232
Phone:  972-883-4278

Rachel Spataro (MS students last names L-S)
Graduate CS Evaluator
ECSS 4.230
Phone:  972-883-4194

Eric Moden (MS students last names T-Z)
Degree Plan Evaluator III
ECSS 4.226
Phone:  972-883-4705

Doug Hyde (PhD students last names A-Z)
Degree Plan Evaluator III
ECSS 4.231
Phone:  972-883-6612


Tentative two-year course schedule