Multimedia Laboratory is the place where researchers share their extensive knowledge, innovative ideas, impeccable experience and inexhaustible enthusiasm.

The lab is directed by Professor B. Prabhakaran and consists of graduate students (Ph.D. and M.S.). The research efforts of the Multimedia laboratory are now directed toward: Information security, computer graphics, networking, compression, and animation. Multimedia Content Analysis and Synthesis.

The Laboratory has produced over 30 reputable publications, in addition to several doctoral and masters thesis.

Workshops :

  1. ICME 2009 Workshop – Multimedia Aspects in Pervasive Healthcare
  2. ACM Multimedia and Security Workshop
  3. Call for Papers

Animation Toolkit :

  1. Animation Toolkit Executable (Note: Executable file needs the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above)
  2. Animation Toolkit Source Code