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Zheng, S. Q.

Dr. S. Q. Zheng Professor (CS, CE, & TE) Degrees: Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara Research Interests: High-Performance Computer and Network Architectures Algorithm Design and Analysis Combinatorial Optimization Optical Networks Wireless Networks Parallel and Distributed Processing Hardware/Software Co-Design in Real-Time and Embedded Systems Interconnection and Switching Networks, and Network Switches and Routers Circuits and Systems

Code JAM at UT Dallas

On Saturday (9/20/2014) from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, the Computer Science Department at UT Dallas held a Code JAM for all ages.  Young coders came with their parents and high school coders came with their friends.  The Code JAM was organized by Dr. Jey Veerasamy, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Center for Computer Science […]

Data Security and Privacy in the Cloud

Three PhD Computer Science graduate students at UTDallas, Harichandan Roy, Erman Pattuk, and Fahad Shaon, pictured above, have been working under the direction of Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu to improve data security and privacy in the cloud.   At the weekly Computer Science Mixer on 9/19/2014, they talked about their research.  Their work is summarized, in their own […]

Good Food, Good Friends, and Good Advice for Freshmen

The Computer Science Department at UT Dallas invited all Freshmen CS students to an informal dinner where they had a chance to meet other students and mingle with some faculty members.  Dr. Gopal Gupta, head of the CS Department, talked about the benefits of a degree in Computer Science and gave the students some good […]

Moses Ike: An Impressive Scholar

After graduating from high school, Moses Ike worked as a Coca-Cola delivery person from 2009 to 2012.  He used and sharpened his social skills as he met with a wide variety of people.  He had always done well in math, but those skills were not used.  While still working full-time as Coca-Cola delivery person, he […]

High-Tech Speech Treatments Receive Boost from Grants, Teamwork

Dr. B. Prabhakaran from the Computer Science Department at UT Dallas, is part of the team that is giving a boost to High-Tech Speech Treatments. Dr. Thomas Campbell, executive director of the Callier Center, and his colleagues are using electromagnetic articulography data to create a real-time computerized representation of a tongue’s movements. Patients can see how […]

Robotic Art – STEM Camp

Robotic Art- STEM Camp will introduce students to common sensors and motors, simple microprocessors and programming robots to turn inputs into actions.  Students will build robotic “kinetic sculptures” (or whatever they want).  Students will also spend time working with real robots in UT Dallas Robotics Lab. Instructor: Dr. Nick Gans, Dr. Gans is EE faculty does Robotics related […]

One-Day Workshops for Business Professionals

Dr. Jey Veerasamy is a Senior Lecturer in the Computer Science (CS) Department at UTDallas.  Most schools and many parents in the Dallas area are familiar with the computer software classes, workshops, and classes he organizes for students of all ages.  These classes are taught by graduate students from the CS Department.  For more information […]

Pittsburgh cybersquad leads way in fighting cybercrime

Above, U.S. attorney David J. Hickton takes questions from the media on the recent cyberespionage case at FBI headquarters on the South Side. At left is Scott C. Smith, FBI special agent in charge, and right are J. Keith Mularski, FBI supervisory special agent, and Jimmy Kitchen, assistant U.S. attorney. Picture hundreds of thousands of […]

Jonsson School Honors its Own in Year-End Award Ceremony

“I am continually impressed by the stories I hear of individuals in the Jonsson School who go above and beyond,” said Dr. Mark W. Spong, dean of the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science. The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science recently recognized faculty and staff members whose work has enhanced […]

Professors Move South

Dr. Zygmunt Haas and Dr. Mark Paulk are enjoying the sunshine and teaching in the CS Department at the University of Texas at Dallas. Both are from colder, northern cities.  Dr. Haas had previously taught at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  Dr. Paulk had previously worked as a Senior Research Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University […]

UT Dallas Ranks 15th Among the World’s Young Universities

For the second consecutive year, The University of Texas at Dallas is ranked 15th in the world among universities founded less than 50 years ago, according to the just-released “100 Under 50” report from the Times Higher Education. The Times Higher Education magazine considers 13 performance indicators when comparing schools to form its list, with […]

Computer Science graduate helps IBM Improve database architecture

After completing his MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science at UT Dallas, Mustafa Canim started working at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, in Yorktown Heights, NY (  Since 2011, he has been working on several research projects. One of these projects is related to the exploitation of modern hardware architectures such as […]

Presenting, a Patch for HeartBleed Bug

US cybersecurity researchers have developed a technique that fights the Heartbleed virus, and detects and entraps hackers who might be using it to steal sensitive data. The Heartbleed bug, which became public last week, has set alarm bells ringing across the globe, including India, for fear of exposing millions of passwords, credit card numbers and […]

A Walk Through Virtual Reality

Dr. Ryan McMahan, pictured above, is wearing an enhanced Oculus Rift in the Motion Capture Lab at UT Dallas. The Oculus Rift is a commercial head-mounted display (HMD) that provides orientation tracking to allow the user to immersively look around a virtual environment. The enhanced Oculus Rift, modified by Dr. McMahan and his students, also […]