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Open Source Projects

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What is it about?

The UTD Open Source Community will contribute to the internet open source effort. The community will consist of student volunteers. The student volunteers may be undergraduate students or graduate students from any discipline. The projects will be small enough so that students can finish within 1-2 semesters. Bigger projects will be divided into modules that can be finished in 1-2 semesters. Most of the projects will be software projects. But there may be some documentation/tutorial projects also.

How are the Projects selected?

The projects can be based on ideas students have, or based on ideas that faculty members may have. The criteria for project selection are that it should add some value to the open-source effort. It should NOT be something that has already been done and available as open source.

Who can volunteer?

Any student interested in enhancing his/her skills and resume. This will NOT be graded. So students should not volunteer at the cost of their regular class schedules.

What do the students gain?

  • Learning experience – You get an opportunity to experience real-life project development. You get to improve your programming skills. A faculty member will guide the students.
  • Resume Enhancer – Your name will be added as a contributor to the project on the internet. So during job interviews you can prove your programming skills.


Neeraj K Gupta; Office: ECSS 3.207; Email: contact

Department of Computer Science