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This project leverages Jena-HBase to provide fine-grained access control using the tool REDACT over RDF graphs. Our framework provides secure access to RDF data stored in Jena-HBase. Our security assumption is that the underlying HBase/HDFS cannot be accessed directly. The framework provides a secure login feature for users, based on a salted hash technique. Once a user has logged on, based on his/her credentials and permissions they are provided with various options.

The various functions provided by the framework based on a users’ permissions are:

  1. Uploading RDF data to Jena-HBase.
  2. Defining or uploading REDACT policies for newly created RDF graphs.
  3. Querying RDF graphs.
  4. Registration of new users.
  5. Assigning new users to groups. This is done by a designated user "admin".

Professors: Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu and Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham

Students: Vaibhav Khadilkar

Source Code: CAISS - v0.1

Link to Video: CAISS Demo

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