Uses of Interface

Packages that use PagedAssembler

Uses of PagedAssembler in edu.utdallas.paged.assembler

Classes in edu.utdallas.paged.assembler that implement PagedAssembler
 class PagedAssemblerBase
          An abstract class used by assemblers
 class PagedMemoryModelAssembler
          An assembler for the extended memory model
 class PagedRDBModelAssembler
          An assembler for the extended RDB model
 class PagedSDBModelAssembler
          An assembler for the extended SDB model

Methods in edu.utdallas.paged.assembler with parameters of type PagedAssembler
 java.lang.Object a, com.hp.hpl.jena.rdf.model.Resource root)
          Method that returns an Assembler object
abstract  java.lang.Object a, com.hp.hpl.jena.rdf.model.Resource root, com.hp.hpl.jena.assembler.Mode mode)
          Method that all subclasses must implement for particular assemblers