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Spring 2019 INTERN FAIR

The Intern Fair is Friday, February 1st.  Begin your preparation for the job search now.

  1. Update your resume: GPA, projects, internships, research, skills leadership or student organization involvement, activities, etc.
  2. Feel free to visit the IPP Office (2.502)to have your resume critiqued by IPP staff.
  3. Log-in to the Handshake portal and apply for all jobs/internships that match your skills, experience and interests.
  4. Start your research on the Intern Fair and Career Expo employers.
  5. You are able to view the employers in Handshake (Click on Fairs).
  6. Go to their web sites and see what technologies they develop or use.
  7. Look at job postings on their site to determine the match for you.
  8. Look on LinkedIn for employees’ job descriptions to learn more about the company.
  9. Connect with alumni.