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CS Software Startup Launch Track

Computer Science students interested in launching a software-based startup company can elect to pursue the CS Software Launch Track (CS-SSLT). Students electing to be in the CS-SSLT need to meet with a CS academic advisor and with a member of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Faculty to discuss their concept and interest. Following these discussions, the student should send an email to their CS academic advisor with a copy to the CS Department Head, the ENTP faulty member they met with, and the I&E Academic Director to express their interest in the CS-SSLT.

Upon request, students in the track will be granted a waiver to count 6 credit hours of ENTP courses towards their undergraduate computer science degree. An additional 3 credit hours of ENTP courses will need to be taken as a free elective within the CS degree program.

Students in the track will enroll in the following courses

  • ENTP 3301 Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Required (4th, 5th or 6th semester)
  • ENTP 3320 Startup Launch I – Required (6th or 7th semester)
  • ENTP 3321 Startup Launch II – Required (7th or in the 8th semester)
  • CS 4485 Computer Science Project – Required (7th or 8th semester)

The startup launch courses provide faculty mentoring and external mentoring to help students develop and launch their business concepts. Students enrolled in SL I or II (ENTP 3320 or ENTP 3321) that have a scalable business concept can also apply for up to $5K in funding to support their development. UT Dallas does not take ownership for this funding. Instructions on how to apply for CS-SSLT funding will be provided in the startup launch courses.

In addition to completing ENTP 3301 and ENTP 3320 and 3321, students in the Software Launch Track will also be required to participate in:

The robust startup launch courses and Blackstone LaunchPad initiatives provide an exceptional opportunity for student entrepreneurs to validate their business concepts and launch their businesses. In addition to the funding that can be applied to through the startup launch course sequence, students can also apply for additional funding as they move forward, including funding from Blackstone LaunchPad or the UT Dallas Seed Fund.

The UT Dallas CS Department will cover one year’s worth of rent at the VDC facility or provide space at the Blackstone LaunchPad facility for the startup company/students who successfully complete the CS Software Launch Track.

Students are not required to but may wish to take other ENTP courses as free electives or consider pursuing a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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