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Tutoring / Testing

The Computer Science Mentor Center

The Computer Science Mentor Center (CSMC) welcomes students of Computer Science and Software Engineering who are studying Discrete Mathematics and Programming to augment and integrate their classroom learning. A solid understanding of Computer Programming and Discrete Mathematics is essential to the success of Computer Science and Software Engineering students. The Mentor Center provides focused learning activities to help students gain this expertise.

The Mentor Center is open 7 days a week. It offers a variety of services designed to enhance and reinforce classroom activities by engaging students in an immersive environment. Students receive on-the-spot individualized or group tutoring. They attend review sessions tightly integrated with classroom lectures. Students can study and do their homework at the Center, where expert coaching is readily available.

The Center is located in ECSS 4.415. Mentoring and tutoring are offered for CS 1336 (Programming Fundamentals), CS 1337 (Computer Science I), CS 2337 & CS 2336 (Computer Science II), CS 2305 (Discrete Math I), CS 3305 (Discrete Math II), CS 2340 (Computer Architecture) and SE 3306 (Math Foundations of SE).

The Center is operated by the CS Department and directed by Professor Jason Smith. The Computer Science Mentor Center is built upon the success of the Discrete Math Mentor Center founded in 2012 by Dr. Linda Morales.


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Hours of Operation

In-Person Times

Monday     10am – 5:30pm

Tuesday    10am – 5:30pm

Wednesday    10am – 5:30pm

 Thursday     10am – 5:30pm

Friday     10am – 5:30pm

Online Times

Monday     1pm – 8:30pm

Tuesday  1pm – 8:30pm

Wednesday   1pm – 8:30pm

 Thursday     1pm – 8:30pm

Friday     1pm – 5:30pm

Saturday     12pm – 4:30pm

Sunday     12pm – 4:30pm



ECSS 4.415

Walk-In Tutoring

ECSN 2.208 and 2.408

Scheduled Sessions


Tutoring Provided For:


CS 1336 – Programming Fundamentals

CS 1337 – Computer Science I

CS 2337 – Computer Science II


CS 2336 – Computer Science II

Discrete Mathematics

CS 2305 – Discrete Mathematics for Computing I

CS 3305 – Discrete Mathematics for Computing II

SE 3306 – Mathematical Foundations of Software Engineering

Computer Architecture

CS 2340 – Computer Architecture


The UT Dallas Testing Center offers a 300-seat computer lab, providing UT Dallas students access to a comfortable and secure testing environment for online/paper/hybrid exams, quizzes, instructional testing, and assessments. The Testing Center provides services based on and adhere to the National College Testing Association (NCTA) Professional Standards and Guidelines.


Address: 3020 Waterview Parkway
SP2 First Floor, Suite 11.175
Richardson, TX 75080

Google Maps

UT Dallas Testing Center
The UT Dallas Testing Center is located on the First Floor of the SP2 Building next to the UT Southwestern Medical Center.


Phone: (972) 883-2460
Fax: (972) 883 – 3910

Department of Computer Science