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Fei, Baowei

Dr. Baowei Fei

Affiliate Professor

UT Dallas Bioengineering Department



  • Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, Ohio
  • MSc, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio

Research Interests:

  • Biomedical imaging
  • Quantitative imaging: image processing & analysis, segmentation, classification, and registration
  • Image-guided interventions: image-guided surgery, therapy, biopsy, and drug delivery
  • Translational imaging: cellular & molecular imaging, small animal imaging, and clinical imaging
  • Multimodality imaging: hyperspectral imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), and ultrasound imaging
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality for biomedical and clinical applications
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for biomedical imaging applications
  • Cancer research: prostate, head and neck, breast, pancreas, and brain
  • Neurodegenerative disorders and cardiovascular diseases

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