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Karrah, Shyam

Shyam Karrah

Professor of Instruction

Director of Graduate Admissions


  • M.S., Jackson State University

Notable Service:

  • Nominated to serve as a Student Poster Chair for CCSC (Consortium for computing sciences in colleges, south-central region)
  • Nominated to serve as a steering committee member of CCSC for three years
  • Received excellence in advisement award for the 2005-2006 school year
  • Organized and Implemented developing a curriculum process per the New Mexico State vocational-technical Standards to evaluate current Computer Science curriculum and make necessary recommendations to meet the service area industry needs
  • Faculty Senate President for the Year 1998-99 at NMJC and Vice president for 1999-2000
  • Served as an active member of Several Standing committees at NMJC.
  • Chaired the College standing committee on student retention

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