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Nguyen, Nhut

Dr. Nhut Nguyen

Professor of Instruction


  • Ph.D., Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • M.S., Electronics Engineering & Computer Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan, 1980
  • B.S., Electronics Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Japan, 1978

Research Interests:

  • Computer networking, wireless networks, network security
  • Software engineering for large scale systems
  • Multimedia systems and protocols
  • Computer architecture

Major Honors and Awards:

  • President Award, Samsung Telecom America
  • Achievements in Excellence Award, Samsung Telecom America
  • Distinguished Inventor Award, Samsung Telecom America
  • Northern Telecom GSM Award
  • Recipient of Japan’s Mobusho Scholarships, 1973-1983

Representative Publications:

  • “Architecture for enabling Collaborative Augmented Reality using ISO’s MPEG Media Transport”, Karthik Venkatraman, Yuan Tian,  Suraj Raghuraman, Balakrishnan Prabhakaran, Nhut Nguyen, MMSys 2015.
  • “MPEG Media Transport (MMT) for 3D Tele-Immersion Systems”, Karthik Venkatraman, Shanthi Vellingiri, Balakrishnan Prabhakaran and Nhut Nguyen. ISM 2014.
  • “Architectural model choices for a SmartGrid home network”, Sridhar Rajagopal, Mark Trayer, Nhut Nguyen ad Kong Posh Bhat, , IEEE GreenCom 2011.

Notable Service:

  • Technical Program Committee member for several IEEE conferences, including:
    • The 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob 2010, WiMob 2011, WiMob 2012, WiMob 2013 and WiMob 2014)
    • The 73rd, 74th and 77th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC 2011, 2012 and 2013)
    • The 10th International Workshop on Information Security Applications (WISA 2009)
  • Editor for MPEG MMT (MPEG Media Transport) standard drafts
  • Rapporteur for Study Group 9 (Broadband Cable and TV), ITU-T
  • Editor for Study Group 16 (Multimedia Systems) and Study Group 17 (Security), ITU-T

Granted Patents:

  1. 8,611,859: System and method for providing secure network access in fixed-mobile converged telecommunications networks
  2. 8,504,846: Method and apparatus for secure storing of private data on user devices in telecommunications networks
  3. 8,190,753: System and method for protecting emergency response services in telecommunication networks from attack
  4. 7,979,734: Method and system for preventing service disruption of internet protocol (IP) based services due to domain name resolution failures
  5. 7,889,714: Apparatus and method for testing voice systems in a telecommunication network
  6. 7,817,617: Request routing mechanism for distributed multi-participant service application servers in an Internet Protocol multimedia subsystem network
  7. 7,492,715: Apparatus and method for real-time overload control in a distributed call-processing environment
  8. 7,480,244: Apparatus and method for scalable call-processing system
  9. 6,947,758: System and method for providing a distributed processing element unit in a mobile telecommunications network
  10. 6,553,227: Distributed signaling message routing in a scalable wireless communication system
  11. 6,091,953: Distributed signaling message routing in a scalable wireless communication system
  12. 6,021,327: Mobile communication system having improved visitor location register content management and method of operation

Some of the above patents were also granted internationally in countries including UK, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea and Italy. The last three patents were adopted into the international GSM (Global System for Mobile) standards.

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