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Page, Ivor P.

Dr. Ivor Page

Emeritus Professor (CS & CE)


  • Ph.D., Brunel University, UK
  • B.Sc., Brunel University, UK

Research Interests:

  • Distributed algorithms
  • Resource allocation problems
  • Computer graphics

Representative Publications:

  • “On the Tower of Hanoi Problem with Multiple Spare Pegs,” I. Page, J. Veerasamy, International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 52, 1, (1994).
  • “Spanning tree maintenance by grafting,” I. Page, M. Scoggins, Ninth International Conference on Systems Engineering, Las Vegas, Nevada, (1993).
  • “Fast algorithms for distributed resource allocation,” I. Page, R. T. Jacob, S. E. Chern, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 4, 2, (1993).
  • “Normal vector generation for sampled data using Fourier Filtering,” I. Page, M. Goss, Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, 4, (1993).
  • “Explicit dynamic mutual exclusion algorithm,” E. B. Weidman, I. Page, W.J. Pervin, Third IEEE Symposium on Parallel Distributed Processing, Dallas, Texas, (1991).

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