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Yang, Wei

Dr. Wei Yang

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • M.S., Computer Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • B.S., Software Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Research Interests:

  • Software Engineering
  • Interpretable Machine Learning
  • Formal Method and Programming Language
  • Mobile Security
  • IoT Security
  • Adversarial Machine Learning
  • Cyber-Physical Security
  • Natural Language Processing

Major Honors and Awards:

  • CAREER Award, National Science Foundation, 2022

Representative Publications:

  • TextExerciser: Feedback-driven Text Input Exercising for Android Applications. In IEEE S&P, 2020.
  • MalScan: Fast Market-Wide Mobile Malware Scanning by Social-Network Centrality Analysis. In ASE, 2019.
  • Charting the Attack Surface of Trigger-Action IoT Platforms. In CCS, 2019.
  • REINAM: Reinforcement Learning for Input-Grammar Inference. In FSE, 2019.
  • An Empirical Study of Android Test Generation Tools in Industrial Cases. In ASE, 2018.
  • SemRegex: A Semantics-Based Approach for Generating Regular Expressions from Natural Language Specifications. In EMNLP, 2018
  • Property Inference Attacks on Deep Neural Networks using Permutation Invariant Representations. In CCS, 2018
  • EnMobile: Entity-based Characterization and Analysis of Mobile Malware. In ICSE, 2018
  • Free for All! Assessing User Data Exposure to Advertising Libraries on Android. In NDSS, 2016
  • AppContext: Differentiating Malicious and Benign Mobile App Behaviors Using Context. In ICSE, 2015
  • WHYPER: Towards Automating Risk Assessment of Mobile Applications. In USENIX Security, 2013

Notable Service:

  • Organizing Committee
    • ASE 2017; ISSTA 2020
  • Program Committee
    • 2021: ICSE, Program Commmittee;
    • 2020: ISSTA, Artifact Evaluation Committee;
    • 2019: ICSE, Artifact Evaluation Committee; CAV, Artifact Evaluation Committee;
    • 2018: ISSTA, Artifact Evaluation Committee;
    • 2017: ISSTA, Artifact Evaluation Committee;
    • 2016: IEEE S&P, Shadow Program Committee; ISSTA, Artifact Evaluation Committee;  OOPSLA, Artifact Evaluation Committee;  Eurosys, Shadow Program Committee;
    • 2015: ECOOP, Artifact Evaluation Committee
  • Academic Conference Organizer
    • CCS 2012; FSE 2012; POPL 2016; ASE 2017; AAAI 2018

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