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Goodman - CS 2016 Freshmen dinners

UT Dallas CS Department Welcomes In The New School Year With An Assortment Of Student Activities

This past August marked the beginning of a new 2016 academic year for the UT Dallas campus full of eager students ready to start…

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Data-Mining Work Offers Insight into Detecting Multiple Hackers

Security efforts to combat hackers usually focus on one method of attack, but computer scientists at UT Dallas have developed a…

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UT Dallas CS Student and IBM Watson intern shares the details of his summer internship and his team’s award winning Robot Poker Players AI project

This summer, Indervir Banipal, a UT Dallas CS student, was invited by IBM Watson to take part in a summer internship at their…

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The Grace Series Kicks Off The Fall’16 Series With IBM Distinguished Engineer And Master Inventor, Romelia H. Flores

The Grace Series kicked off the new fall 2016 semester on September 14th with guest speaker, Romelia H. Flores, an IBM…

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