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Models of Engagement

The Computer Science Department boasts internationally renowned faculty as well as exceptional graduate and undergraduate students. There are many ways in which companies and government agencies can engage with our faculty and students in a mutually beneficial manner.

Sponsored Senior Design Projects

All undergraduates in computer science complete a capstone project during their final semester, and our UTDesign program enables you to harness the power and skills of these bright, energetic students. Teams of three to five students function much like a typical project team in industry – and you own all of the intellectual property generated. More details can be found on the UTDesign page, or feel free to contact Dr. Ivor Page or Dr. Jey Veerasamy for additional information.

Industry-University Cooperative Research Center

Become a member of the Net-Centric Software and Systems Center, which focuses on a collaborative approach to research and development regarding net-centric systems.

The center conducts research on all aspects of net-centric software and systems, which involve a set of highly reliable services that are dynamically created from acquired services and then verified and validated in the field in real-time. IP developed through this National Science Foundation-sponsored center is available for use by any member company. Current members include Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, and Cisco Systems. For more details please contact Dr. Farokh Bastani.

iPerform Center

The I/UCRC iPerform Center is an NSF-funded research center that represents collaborations of professors and scientists at the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Texas at Dallas. Its primary mission is to bring together university and industry researchers to advance basic and applied research in Assistive Technologies to enhance human performance. For more details contact Dr. Ovidiu Daescu.

Sponsored Research Projects

The Computer Science Department can be your R&D arm and address a wide variety of issues for your company. Our faculty can also help you build experimental software systems.

Costs vary based on the effort involved, and IP can be negotiated with the University’s Office of Technology Commercialization. Please contact Dr. Gopal Gupta for more details. To view our faculty’s research interests in detail, click here.

Student Internship / Co-op Programs

The Computer Science Department has thriving internship and co-op programs that place more than 300 students every year at companies in both the Dallas area and far beyond. We are one of the largest such programs in the nation. Students can work 20 to 40 hours per week for up to eight months, although longer periods are also possible. Both graduate students and undergraduates can be hired, and many of our students already have several years of industry experience. More details can be found at the Industrial Practice Programs site.

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