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Housing and Dining

University Housing offers on-campus living options for UT Dallas students who appreciate the comfort of home while being within walking distance to class. UT Dallas views residential life as an integral part of the education process.

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  • Click here for the University Housing FAQ page.
  • Click here for the MyHousing Website for UT Dallas Housing.
University Housing

University Housing

University Housing Contact Information

University Commons Offices

Residence Hall North

2851 Rutford Ave.
Richardson, TX 75080

Residence Hall Northwest

950 North Loop Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080

Residence Hall South

2801 Rutford Ave.
Richardson, TX 75080

Residence Hall Southwest

931 Drive E
Richardson, TX 75080

Residence Hall West

955 North Loop Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080

Office Hours

Desks operated 24 hours/7 days per week

University Village Office

2800 Waterview Pkwy.
Richardson, TX 75080

Office Hours

Monday-Friday – 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday  10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Canyon Creek Heights

CCH North

990 Loop Rd. SW
Richardson, TX 75080

CCH South

989 Loop Rd. SW
Richardson, TX 75080

Office Hours

  • Monday and Friday – 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • Tuesday-Thursday – 8 a.m.-11 p.m.
  • Saturday 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • Sunday – 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

Click here to go to the Contact Page for University Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing

Housing and Residential Life at UT Dallas welcomes students of all gender identities and expressions and is committed to providing an equitable and inclusive community for all residents. Click here to read more.

Please contact Residential Life to learn about available housing options. It is our goal to provide an affirming and non-discriminatory housing experience.

Community Standards

Applicants who choose to live in gender inclusive housing, agree to the following:

  • The University of Texas at Dallas is committed to providing an educational, living and working environment that is welcoming, respectful and inclusive of all members of the University community, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity.
  • Residents will adhere to all University Housing policies in accordance to Student Code of Conduct, including the Prohibited Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and Misconduct policy.
  • Gender inclusive units may house students of all biological sexes, gender expressions and identities.
  • An inclusive, affirming and comfortable living environment is contingent upon the effort of all roommates and their guests.
  • Residents assist and support roommates and their guests in order to maintain a space that is inclusive, affirming and comfortable.

  • Residents will promote and attempt to use inclusive language within the gender inclusive unit. This includes referring to others by their self-identified gender pronouns.
  • Respect assigned roommates’ different motivations for choosing this living option.
  • Residents are encouraged to have open dialogue with parent(s) or guardian(s) about their choice to reside in a gender inclusive unit.
  • Residents understand they will be removed from the environment if they fail to abide by these standards.
  • Residents are encouraged to visit the Galerstein Gender Center for more information about gender inclusivity at UT Dallas.
  • The Student Counseling Center offers general mental health services, including counseling that is affirming of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.


Contact Us

For questions or additional information, contact Residential Life at 972-883-7430.

For questions or additional information regarding LGBT+, transgender, gender non-comforming programs or resources, contact the Galerstein Gender Center at 972-883-6564.

Family Housing

Please inquire with University Housing for available family housing options. There are limited facilities within University Housing that are available for UT Dallas students with spouses and children.

These spaces are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot guarantee family housing options will be available. All persons residing in a family housing unit are required to sign a full apartment housing agreement. Canyon Creek Heights and University Commons are single bedroom housing options for UT Dallas students and are not available as family housing.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are groups of students who share academic goals and interests. LLC members live in designated residence halls or apartments, enroll in community-specific courses and participate in group activities designed to enhance learning. LLC students typically develop peer relationships more quickly, enjoy increased faculty interaction outside the classroom and maintain higher GPAs.

First-year students must select the Living Learning Community option on their housing application to apply. Participation in LLCs is limited, and communities are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. .

Students interested in applying for the Women in STEAM LLC must apply through a separate process which can be found on the Women in STEAM page. Participation in the Women in STEAM LLC is limited, and applicants are selected based on their application, resume, and essay responses.

In order to be eligible for participation, students must have a major that corresponds to their selected LLC. For a list of eligible LLC majors for the upcoming academic year, click on the links below.

Space is limited. Learn more.

Why should I join LLC?

  • Easier transition in to college.
  • Maintain higher GPA.
  • Make friends quickly with people who share common interests and goals.
  • Develop a support network with other students, advisors and professors.
  • Develop and refine leadership skills.
  • Live in the newest residence hall, which houses a dining facility, activity center, classrooms and lab space.
  • Have increased faculty and staff contact outside the classroom.

What is expected of me?

Freshman applicants must live in the LLC residence hall or apartment and enroll in courses required for your community. You must also participate in LLC activities and complete program assessments.


How do I apply?

To apply for the freshman LLC program, you must complete a housing application. Freshman LLCs have limited spaces and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

To apply for the Women in STEAM LLC, you must complete an application form. For more information, click here.

How do I know if I were accepted?

First-year students will receive an email from Living Learning regarding their acceptance and when they can select a space in Residence Hall West or Northwest. This notification will be sent to the student’s UTD email account closer to room selection.

Women in STEAM applicants will be notified prior to May 5.


University Village

University Village apartments offer students a variety of unfurnished floor plans and the comfort of home within walking distance to class.

Room Ammenities

  • Refrigerator/freezer with ice maker.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Electric stove/oven.
  • Garbage disposal.
  • Microwave*.
  • Wireless internet available throughout the community.
  • IPTV (streaming television).
  • Plush carpeting.
  • Mini blinds.
  • Washer/dryer*.
  • Central heat/air conditioning.
  • Vinyl floors (kitchen/bathroom).
  • All utilities provided at no additional cost.

*In select units  

Community Ammenities

  • Peer advisors.
  • Study centers, meeting rooms and lounges.
  • Wireless internet.
  • IPTV (streaming television).
  • Outdoor grills.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Sand volleyball courts.
  • Outdoor basketball and tennis courts.
  • Billiards and ping-pong tables.
  • Landscaped and maintained grounds.
  • Picnic areas.
  • Bicycle racks and repair stands.
  • On-site maintenance staff.
  • Mailbox stations.
  • 24-hour campus police patrol.
  • 24-hour lockout service.
  • Emergency call stations.
  • Shuttle service to central campus.

University Commons

University Commons residence halls feature three-bedroom suites, recreation areas, large communal spaces and study lounges. All first-year freshmen who choose to live on campus are required to live in University Commons.

Room Ammenities

  • Furnished with loftable bed, desk, chair and dresser.
  • Exterior window with mini blinds.
  • Lockable with key entry.
  • Wireless internet available throughout the community.
  • IPTV (streaming television).
  • All utilities provided at no additional cost.


Common Living Areas

Canyon Creek Heights

Canyon Creek Heights apartments offer students a variety of fully furnished floor plans and the comfort of home within walking distance to class.

These buildings are available to sophomore, junior, senior and graduate students.

Room Ammenities

  • Furnished with bed, desk, dresser, chair, sofa, table.
  • Refrigerator/freezer with ice maker.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Electric stove/oven.
  • Garbage disposal.
  • Microwave.
  • Central heat/air conditioning.
  • Wireless internet available throughout the community.
  • IPTV (streaming television).
  • Community washer/dryer room.
  • All utilities provided at no additional cost.

Community Ammenities

  • Peer Advisors
  • Study nooks, meeting room and social lobby.
  • Outdoor gathering area.
  • Access to all University Housing ammenities: swimming pools, volleyball courts, outdoor basketball and tennis courts.
  • Landscaped and maintained grounds.
  • Bicycle racks and repair stands.
  • On-site maintenance staff.
  • Mailbox stations.
  • 24-hour campus police patrol.
  • 24-hour lockout service.
  • Emergency call stations.
  • Shuttle service to central campus.

Apartments feature wireless internet service and IPTV (streaming television). This amenity is included in the rental rate

Dallas Off-Campus Housing

The Dallas Off-Campus Housing database is provided as a service to The University of Texas at Dallas community and for informational purposes only.

By providing this link, UT Dallas does not guarantee the quality, performance, completeness or accuracy of the information provided in the database or by the database’s host, Off Campus Partners, LLC. Similarly, UT Dallas does not expressly or implicitly endorse, approve or warrant any of the information in this database or properties whose information is available in this database, or any of the business practices of these properties or Off Campus Partners, LLC. In addition, UT Dallas expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any claims that may arise with regard to any user’s use of this database and any properties, business practices, information or other matters referenced therein. UT Dallas is also not responsible for any disputes arising between or among a user, Off Campus Partners, LLC, and any participating properties as the result of user’s use of this database. Users should exercise their own respective good judgment when evaluating the information contained in the database, including any properties listed.

Click here to go to the Dallas Off-Campus website. 

Housing Contract Information

Housing Contract Information

The University of Texas at Dallas provides housing on an individual contracted basis. We offer housing options based on one bed per student, and we do not allow a student to reserve more than one bedroom except in limited cases for family housing, if available. If a student wishes to live alone, a student may select from the available 1-bedroom unit options on campus.

Dining Meal Plan Overview


Students may choose to purchase one of a variety of optional meal plans. Visit for details.

For more information about meal plans, click here.

UT Dallas Dining Meal Plan Overview

Everyone with an active Comet Card is eligible to have a meal plan! Depending on your classification and Housing assignment, there might be requirements:

  • First year residents (living in a traditional Residence Hall): No kitchen? No problem! Choose from the Comet 19, 14 or 10, whichever fits your lifestyle the best! Per your Housing contract, all first year residents are required to choose one of the Comet meal plan options, check them out on our meal plans page
  • Second year residents and above (living in a traditional Residence Hall): Upperclassmen living in a Residence Hall can choose any of the 6 meal plan options: Comet 19, 14, 10, Block 50, Block 30 or Block 15. For a more detailed description, visit our Commuters and Apartment Dwellers page
  • Apartment dwellers (on and off campus) and Commuters: Choose any of the 6 meal plans. Signing up is completely voluntary, but the savings are real!

A meal plan is a way to eat on campus and save money! The meal plans at UT Dallas have two separate parts: Dining Hall swipes & Meal Money:

Dining Hall swipes: Weekly amount of dining hall visits you’re allotted per week, ranging from 10 to 19 meals per week (number depends on the meal plan you choose). These swipes are significantly cheaper than what non-meal plan holders pay for Dining Hall access, below is a chart with your savings depending on the meal plan you choose:

Meal Plan Cost Per Meal Average Walk-In
Rate at DHW
Comet 19 $6.54 $11.00
Comet 14 $7.62 $11.00
Comet 10 $9.80 $11.00


  • Meal Money: Semesterly balance you’re allotted (amount depends on the meal plan you choose) for use in UT Dallas retail locations. Meal Money works just like a debit card, deducting charges from the balance. For example, if you have the Comet 10 which comes with $150 in Meal Money and spend $6 at Subway, your remaining balance is $144 for the rest of the semester. At the end of each semester, remaining Meal Money balances on traditional meal plans (Comet 19, 14, 10, Block 50, Block 30 and Block 15) are forfeited. If you run out of Meal Money during the semester, for extra buying power you can load Comet Cash to your card throughout the semester. All first year residents are required to have a meal plan.

Use your Dining Hall swipes at the UT Dallas Dining Hall, and your Meal Money at any of our retail locations.

For the spring semester, your fall meal plan will be renewed unless you request otherwise.

Spring 2020: Begins on January 10, 2020 and ends on May 8, 2020.

For location semester hours, check out the dropdown menu on our homepage!

College is stressful enough, let us take care of the food! We are open throughout the week during high traffic times to fit your busy schedule and get you the nutrients you need! Plus, cooking in a small microwave will get really boring, (and expensive with pre-made dinners) really fast. Come join your friends for lunch in the Comet Café or Student Union Food Court bring your student organization to dinner in the Dining Hall and chat away while eating however much you want. Have feedback or suggestions? Use our feedback tool!

Signing up is easy!

UT Dallas On-Campus Dining Options

Moe’s Southwest:

  • The ingredients on the line give you 17 Quintillion options to make your selection all yours!
  • Most of the menu names are pop culture references. Can we get an ‘All Right, All Right, All right?!’
  • There may not be a freezer in Moe’s, but there can be Moe’s in your freezer. Everything is made fresh from scratch, and not held frozen in house.

Panda Express:

  • You may not know, but Panda Express started as a sit-down restaurant called Panda Inn. Panda Express is still family owned and operated and the owners were college sweethearts!!
  • Panda Express sells nearly 70 Million pounds of Orange Chicken each year!!
  • Panda Express was an early adopter of restaurant based technology. They began using computer systems to give them the technological advantage back in the 80s!

Ben & Jerry’s:

  • At the company HQ in South Burlington, Vermont, all of the interior walls are curvey (because right angles are too square man,). There’s also a mock scoop shop called Scoop U that’s used for franchisee training, and everything from shakes to sundaes are only $1. Near the front entrance, you can get from the upper to lower levels on a slide.
  • The factory in Waterbury produces 120,000 pints a day, one flavor at a time.


  • Love Chick-fil-A sauce? You might be surprised that it’s actually a mix of three staple condiments from the restaurant! Barbecue sauce, ranch and honey mustard combine to create the sweet and tangy sauce we all know and love.
  • Chick-fil-A was the first fast-food chain to offer fresh fruit cups as a side option, which were added to the menu in 2004.
  • The chicken biscuit was the first menu item
  • UTD’s Chick-fil-A location squeezes over 980 lemons a week for fresh lemonade


  • IHOP serves more than 700 million pancakes per year.
  • Each year, about 214 million eggs are used to make IHOP’s delicious omelets and other breakfast specialties.
  • More than 1.5 million gallons of syrup are used to top IHOP’s famous pancakes.

UTD’s The Pub:

  • The Pub created a specialty burger from hosting an internal chef contest, and featured the winners’ signature burger.
  • In America, 50 billion burgers are eaten in 1 single year, college students consume 3% of that amount.
  • We support the community by purchasing local for our hamburger patties and spirits.


  • There are over 38 million possible Subway sandwich combinations.
  • Subway makes enough sandwiches to wrap around the earth 14 times.


  • Features a naturally grown purple potato
  • Now a national concept that started right here at UTD
  • The average person eats approximately 126 lbs. of potatoes each year

Dining Hall West:

  • Every year, the Dining Hall West Salad Bar serves over 11,700 lbs of lettuce.
  • All meals that go uneaten at Dining Hall West are donated to the Food Recovery Network to help feed people right here in Richardson.
  • Any food waste produced from inedible ends and pieces of product go to our composting program, which in turn is used in projects such as campus tree planting.
  • Dining Hall West uses over 1,040 lbs of waffle batter each year
  • Dining Hall West serves over 20,000 onions each year

Papa John’s:

  • Papa John’s was founded in the supply closet of a family owned restaurant in Indiana in 1983.
  • On average, 90,000 meal exchange personal pizzas and wings are produced on campus each year.
  • 284,000 slices of pizza are served in our campus Papa John’s each year.


  • Over 1500 lbs of Shmear are served each year on campus
  • Over 6,400 gallons of coffee are brewed and served at our location yearly
  • 240 gallons of fresh raspberry lemonade are brewed and served each year.


  • There are over 87,000 possible drink combinations at Starbucks.
  • The Trenta is slightly bigger than your stomach with the capacity to hold 916 milliliters. The stomach on average has a capacity of 900 ml.

Jason’s Deli:

  • Jason’s Deli is a family owned business that started in Texas. Also UTD’s Jason’s Deli is one of only 2 campus’ that were picked to Pilot campus locations. Our campus location had over 20,000 items sold in the past semester. As a company, Jason’s Deli has strived to make the best food for every customer which led to the elimination of all added transfat and msg from their menu while also becoming the very first restaurant in the U.S. to also eliminate High fructose corn syrup. We are so very proud we chose Jason’s as a part of UTD family!

Food Truck Park

UTD’s very own Food Truck Park is open 11am-2pm, Monday-Thursday during the school semester.
We have 17 food trucks in rotation to give you diverse and amazing options to satisfy your cravings!

If you would like your food truck to be added to the UT Dallas Dining Food Truck program


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