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Cyber security Institute to Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary with Events

In 2004, to address the increasing attacks to the nation’s computers, communications systems and infrastructure, UT Dallas became proactive in cybersecurity education and research by establishing what has become the Cyber Security Research and Education Institute (CSI). Since then, it has grown into one of the leading research organizations in cybersecurity in the world with […]

Women Who Compute (WWC) Students at UT Dallas Make a Difference

This year, Make a Difference Day was held on Saturday, 10/25/2014.  Students at UT Dallas participated in a common mission with millions of other volunteers throughout the world to improve the lives of others. The mission statement on the Make A Difference Day website states:  On one day each year, we want to inspire the nation […]

2nd Annual Teacher Inspiration Award Ceremony

The 2nd Annual Teacher Inspiration Award Ceremony were held by the Computer Science Department at UT Dallas on Friday, 10/24/2014.  Inspiration Awards were given to teachers who inspired Computer Science students at UT Dallas to pursue an education in Computer Science (CS).  Teachers were nominated by freshmen students from the CS Department.  The program was […]

Helping Computers to Understand Human Language

Dr. Yang Liu’s graduate students help computers to understand human language.  Pictured left to right are: Mohammad Hadi Bokaei, Yandi Xia, Yang Liu, Youngchan Kim, Chen Li, and Rui Xia. The research in Dr. Yang Liu’s Speech and Language Processing Lab reflects the myriad of problems humans encounter when understanding language.  Written communication tends to […]

14th International Conference on Quality Software

Pictured above, at the QSIC 2014, Dr. Way Kuo gave the keynote speech about critical findings on nuclear and renewable energies.  He is the President and University Distinguished Professor of City University of Hong Kong, Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions, and Reliability Member of the US National Academy of Engineering.  Copies of his book, Critical Reflections on […]

$3.9 Million Award Bolsters Cybersecurity Scholarship Program

Dr. Kamil Sarac, associate professor of computer science, is principal investigator and director of UT Dallas’ Scholarship for Service program. A cybersecurity scholarship program in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science has received an award of more than $3.9 million from the National Science Foundation. The CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service program at […]

Cardenas, Alvaro

Dr. Alvaro Cardenas Assistant Professor Degrees: Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, 2006 M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, 2002 B.S., Major: Electrical Engineering, Minor: Mathematics, University of Los Andes, 2000 Research Interests: Cyber-Physical Systems Security and Privacy Intrusion Detection Systems Smart Grid Networks, Security and Privacy Internet […]

Cobb, Jorge

Dr. Jorge Arturo Cobb Associate Professor (CS, CE, & TE) Degrees: Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX M.A., The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX B.S., The University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX Research Interests: Design and implementation of network protocols Quality of Service in High-speed computer networks Mobile […]

Fishwick, Paul

Dr. Paul A. Fishwick Professor of Computer Science, Distinguished University Chair of Arts and Technology Degrees: Ph.D., Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania, 1986 M.S., Applied Science, College of William and Mary, 1983 B.S., Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University, 1977 Research Interests: Computer Simulation and Modeling Discrete Event Modeling Methodology Aesthetic Computing Computer Science Education […]

Guo, Xiaohu

Dr. Xiaohu Guo Associate Professor Degrees: Ph.D., Computer Science, Stony Brook University M.S., Computer Science, Stony Brook University B.S., Computer Science, University of Science and Technology of China Research Interests: Computer Graphics Geometric Modeling and Processing Mesh Generation Physics-Based Deformation GPU Algorithms Medical Image Analysis Major Honors and Awards: CAREER Award, National Science Foundation, 2012 Certificate […]

Haas, Zygmunt

Dr. Zygmunt Haas Professor and Distinguished Chair in Computer Science Degrees: Ph.D., Stanford University, CA, Electrical Engineering, 1988 Research Interests: Wireless and Mobile Systems and Networks Information Assurance and Network Security Design, Modeling, and Implementation of Cross-layer Protocols and Systems Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Biologically-inspired Systems Major Honors and Awards: IEEE Fellow IEEE ComSoc WTC Recognition Award, 2012 […]

Khan, Latifur

Dr. Latifur Khan Professor Degrees: Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, 2000 M.S., Computer Science, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, 1996 B.Sc., Computer Science and Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1993 Research Interests: Big Data Management and Analytics Data Mining Database Systems Semantic Web Complex […]

Lin, Zhiqiang

Dr. Zhiqiang Lin Professor (CS & CE) Degrees: Ph.D., Purdue University Research Interests: Systems security Program analysis Cloud computing Major Honors and Awards: AFOSR YIP Award Representative Publications: “HyperShell: A Practical Hypervisor Layer Guest OS Shell for Automated In-VM Management”. Yangchun Fu, Junyuan Zeng, and Zhiqiang Lin. In Proceedings of the 2014 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, Philadephia, […]

Liu, Yang

Dr. Yang Liu Associate Professor Degrees: Ph.D., Purdue University, USA M.S., Tsinghua University, China B.S., Tsinghua University, China Research Interests: Speech and natural language processing Social media language analysis Automatic summarization Emotion and affect modeling Speech and language disorder Major Honors and Awards: NSF CAREER award Air Force Young Investigator Program award Representative Publications: Deana Pennell and […]

Ng, Vincent

Dr. Vincent Ng Professor Degrees: Ph.D., Computer Science, Cornell University B.S., Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University Research Interests: Natural Language Processing Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Representative Publications: Persing, Isaac and Vincent Ng, “Modeling argument strength in student essays,” In Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 7th International Joint Conference […]

Paulk, Mark

Dr. Mark Paulk Senior Lecturer Degrees: Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2005 M.S., Computer Science, Vanderbilt University, 1980 B.S., Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville, 1978 Research Interests: High maturity practices Statistical thinking Best practices for software engineering Agile methods Empirical software engineering Major Honors and Awards: Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award, University […]

Prakash, Ravi

Dr. Ravi Prakash Professor (CS, Hobson Wildenthal Honors College, TE, and Courtesy Appointment in Political Science) Degrees: Ph.D., Computer and Information Science, The Ohio State University, 1996 M.S., Computer and Information Science, The Ohio State University, 1991 B.Tech., Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, 1990 Research Interests: Mobile Computing Wireless Networking Sensor Networking […]

Kantarcioglu, Murat

Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu Professor Degrees: Ph.D., Computer Science, Purdue University, 2005 Graduate Certificate in Statistics, Purdue University, 2005 M.S., Computer Science, Purdue University, 2002 B.S., Computer Engineering with Minor in Finance, Middle East Technical University, 2000 Research Interests: Data Security Data Privacy Privacy-preserving data mining Databases Cloud computing Major Honors and Awards: NSF CAREER Award Purdue Cerias […]

Cankaya, Ebru

Dr. Ebru Çankaya Senior Lecturer Degrees: Ph.D., Ege University International Computer Institue M.B.A., The University of Texas at Dallas M.Sc., Ege University Department of Computer Science Research Interests: Computer security Data security Lossless compression Cryptology Major Honors and Awards: Faculty of the Month Campus Winner Award, The National Association of College and University Residence Halls, […]