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Code JAM at UT Dallas

On Saturday (9/20/2014) from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, the Computer Science Department at UT Dallas held a Code JAM for all ages.  Young coders came with their parents and high school coders came with their friends.  The Code JAM was organized by Dr. Jey Veerasamy, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Center for Computer Science Education & Outreach.  For just $5.00, participants could work with a CS graduate student and get hands-on experience with a selected computer software application.  Upon entering the lab, families were greeted by a CS grad student who directed them to another grad student and computer station to suit their interests.  In many cases, young children and their parents were able to work 1-on-1 with a graduate student.  Pictures tell the story …

xcj_pic00 xcj_pic01
xcj_pic02 xcj_pic03
xcj_pic04 xcj_pic05
xcj_pic06 xcj_pic07
xcj_pic08 xcj_pic09
xcj_pic10 xcj_pic12
xcj_pic13 xcj_pic14
xcj_pic15 xcj_pic16
xcj_pic18 xcj_pic19
xcj_pic20 xcj_pic21
xcj_pic22 xcj_pic17
xcj_pic23 xcj_pic24

The  Department of Computer Science at UT Dallas  is one of the largest CS departments in the United States with more than 750 undergraduate, 500 master, and 125 PhD students.  They are committed to exceptional teaching and research in a culture that is as daring as it is supportive.

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